Revolutionary Innovation
The only continuous, no joins, composite pipe construction that can be made on site.
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Fiberglass pipe

Imagine a system that can construct a continuous pipe, with no joins, and on site. NexGEN Pipes' innovative machine uses the latest technology in composites delivering pipe cured and ready to be used in less than 10 minutes. It can also make bespoke pipes to the exact specifications for the industry, fluid and surroundings. Read more...

Fibreglass pipe machine

NexGEN Pipes will target to produce in excess of 700 metres of pipeline per 8 hour shift or 2,100 metres each 24 hour shift. It is envisaged that a maximum of 6 to 8 workers can operate the machine on site. Diameter reduction, bends, corners, shut off valves and IO’s can also be incorporated within the system. Read more ...


EPA advantage

NexGEN Pipes reduces the need of transport vehicles on the sea and road. Besides the machine, the only transport costs are the raw materials. Air pollution is minimised with  less diesel motors required to lay the pipe as opposed to the traditional method. The reduction in onsite activity is where this system is really outstanding. Read more...