• No join construction

  • Any diameter up to 1.2 meters

  • Convey any liquid including LNG, oil, water and abrasive slurry

  • Reduced carbon footprint due to less pollution – construction, transport and machinery

  • Stronger and more durable than steel

  • Flexible for earthquake zones

  • Bullet and explosion resistant

  • Fire proof and UV resistant

  • Targeted Reduction in freight costs by 80%

  • Reduction of excavation costs

  • Very efficient and fast installation

  • Able to work in any climatic conditions

  • Minimal on site labour

  • Less energy required with hydraulics

  • Projected service life of up to 100 yrs


“The mining, gas exploration and water irrigation industry worldwide is considerable and will place high value on a method that enhances production, reduces costs and pollution.

Therefore NexGEN Pipes are best placed to capture a substantial segment.”


Benjamin Corbould, Director, NexGEN Pipes Pte Ltd